circuit connection of sensors

hi, im trying to create a circuit which involves sensors like a temperature sensor for example and that sensor will send information to some sort of central hub or central processing unit and that unit will determine what action to take and then send that information to the relevant motor for action to be achieved. my project is creating an automated wing which adjusts the flaps automatically using sensors. the sensor could provide information about the temperature and the wind speed outside and act on that to either extend or retract the flaps. was thinking of using logic gates or maybe something else. do you have any suggestions and i have no clue how to make that circuit as i have basic knowledge of electronics, any help would be appreciated

thank you Brandon Mutepfa

Before you can start designing a circuit you will first have to specify your requirements in detail. Which exact sensors? How to change the wing speed/wing size/etc exactly? (which motors/actuators to use, power requirements) What distance to bridge between the various parts?

for the sensor was thinking of using a temperature sensor and for the type of motor to use i really dont know which one to use so im asking for guidance or advice on what you think might actually work.

thank you for replying

For the temperature sensor: What is the range of temperatures? What is the environment(dry air, fog,..)? How far between the sensor and the microcontroller?

For the actuator: How much force is required? How far must it move? Will there be positional feedback?

We can't provide guidance unless we know many details. If you thoroughly describe your project we can possibly avoid 20 questions games. Pictures help, too.

Dozens of temperature sensors available, and lots of different motors.

Maybe a DS18B20 sensor is good for you.

To choose a suitable motor you need to know the power/torque required to move your wings. As it’s an up/down movement a servo may be the best option, unless you build a windscreen wiper type of mechanism, then you can use a regular continuous rotation type motor. Maybe even a linear actuator is the best for those wings, but that depends on the physical layout of the thing.

I suggest you look up on those motor types, and start doing some measurements to know how strong they have to be.