Circuit simulation


I am searching for a nice circuit simulation program to prototype, I am now using tinkercad but it won't do the job to me there are just a lack of parts so if you know something that's having much components and you can simulate it let me know thank you

greetings Kilian Kyndt

Hi, try Proteus.

RV mineirin

thank you a lot i will check it out

What is your prototype project?
What parts are you wanting in your simulator?

Is it possible for you to actually protoboard and test your construction and code in the real world?

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

i am trieing to make a kind of oscilator/synth but i have a very limited budget at the moment i maybe have some more money in july/august but in tinkercad i mostley have all the parts but 1 it can become laggy if you add too much components and 2 my opamp dont work how it suposed to work i think thats why i said that i missed parts most of the time i have everything but there are some times i need a specific ic or mosfet and they only got the base covered

thank you for the idee but its way too expensive

I've been using MicroCap due to having used it at university. It has a bit of a learning curve but I guess most SPICE programs do. It's free to use.

I will try that out thx!

its a nice simulator thx!

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LTSPICE is also free. Has some learning curve though since a lot of stuff needs to be done by adding SPICE directives to the circuit.

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