CmdMessenger.h - problem using the example sketch

Downloaded the CmdMessenger.h library from GitHub, via the link on this page:

The commit id for the code I downloaded is 231fb76165 - filename:

I also downloaded all 3 dependencies (available via links from and added those to my libraries folder.

Once you've uploaded the example sketch, you're supposed to be able to type example commands into the serial monitor and it should return the results of those commands.

All I get is strange characters being returned now and then, e.g: ºó«ÿ

It looks like the Arduino is receiving something, because I can see the RX light flash whenever I hit enter in the serial monitor.

Any ideas?


You do have the serial monitor baud rate set correctly?

ahhh... no! I think it was set at 9600.

Thanks dxw00d. I'll try that later.

Yep, all worked fine after setting the correct baud rate.