Do you think i could get to work for video recording to an SD card?

Definitely not with the Arduino, it just wouldn't be able to process fast enough. Maybe with external components, but still not sure about that. You could probably do pictures, at a certain rate.. but it wouldn't be near quick enough to be considered a "video".

AVRcam is the closes you can get with an AVR to cam signal processing, but no saving of video to sd can.

For the record, another one, easier to interface and cheaper at seeedstudio:

Thanks for you Link. Its a nice link.

How can I get it to record to the SD card then?

Read the datasheet and manual at the link posted above. In principle, arduino sends command to take photo, then sends command to get the JPEG data, then saves that JPEG data to SD card.

So basically, the processing is done off-chip instead of on the Arduino?

The JPEG is created by the camera itself. Arduino only reads the JPEG data and sends it to SD card, this is all it does (besides sending commands to the camera to take the photo, to "download" JPEG etc).


I have the same C328 camera. I would like to take pictures (for example, each hour by the use of a RTC DS1307) and save them into a SD card.

Have somebody a simple example (sketch for arduino) for use it? I mean to take an image and save it into a SD card, or at least to take a picture?

Thanks so much!

hi can any one tell me how can i save the image to sd card as jpg extension