Code Generator, debugger, Simulator

Has anybody used Flowcode development software with the Arduino? Is there enough of a code library with Arduino that something like this is overkill for initial coding? Or is there still an advantage for simulation & debugging features?.

As someone coming to this with an understanding of binary, hex, etc but no C experience, I need something that gives me a coding leg up.

So Flowcode seems like a pretty good dev tool - I really like the simulation & debug aspect - it would appear to be easy to use & I like the fact that you can go with PIC, AVR or ARM uCs (not all in the one package though)and easily port between these uCs, I presume?

Another issue is I don't want the endless cycle of compiling the code, programming the chip, & running the thing to find out it doesn't work so back to the code again & so on - you understand, I'm sure (life is too short )

Using Flowcode (just downloaded yesterday & spent about 1 hr on it so far), I've put together a program which reads an ADC, tests a value and outputs a text string to an LCD depending on the value - all without resorting to C code. This sounds good but I don't know how it translates to the real world - only certain LCDs are supported, maybe other restrictions apply.

Maybe it's more suited for the core logic of a project rather than all the peripheral connections?

Looks pretty cool.

As a professional programmer I'm not tempted just because I don't want to spend $200 (or $275 for the Pro version) for something that I already know how to do and only do as a hobby.

If I it saved me time on a money making project or if I didn't already have lots of experience programming I think it might make working with microcontrollers much less frustrating.

DaveK, It seemed to me like a good beginners tool & there must be a lot of beginners here?

I downloaded a free version for the AVR which is a fully functioning programme only limited in no of external components it supports. This could be useful for mapping out the logic of a project?

Can't find the link to the free demo version - it isn't evident from their site - I think it's on a forum of theirs?

Oh, found the link for AVR Demo version - they certainly don't want to publicise it widely (maybe I was harsh - see below):

Edit: Actually, here's a better link to it as well as a course they provide on uc programming

Thanks for taking the time to locate and post those links. I’m not sure I would have been able to find them.

No problem - it gives you a chance to try out a demo version & see how it measures up. I would be interested in an experienced Arduino user having a look at this software & see how suitable it is. Even though they won't use it themselves, it would be a useful evaluation for us noobies!

Please post your evaluations here