code to stress an Arduino or some benchmark

Hi, I'm looking for some code or functions that can be used to force an Arduino CPU to execute and use more energy and processing that can used by generic functions. Maybe some functions or code that can be used on benchmarks or similar.

Thanks a lot!

The Arduino runs at full speed and power, whether in a button press wait loop, or when calculating something.

Look here and here. But it's not going to increase energy consumption :slight_smile:

Nopes there's no such way to increase energy consumption of Arduino. Although you can use a lot of strings to fill up the memory.

The reason you need benchmarking software to load a PC CPU is because they have an operating system and driver software that will automatically put the CPU into a low-power state when there's no threads queued up to run. If you're just using a simple desktop program, the demand for the CPU is far below it's total capacity so it's almost constantly being put into a low power mode.

An Arduino is much simpler, and much different because of that. There is no native multi-threading, and also no automatic power management. The CPU runs full speed all the time. If you want to conserve power by using the low power modes, that's something you need to do in your program.

The Arduino runs at full speed...


...and power...

No. The analog-to-digital converter is a good example. CMOS consumes energy when switching. If the processor is not performing an ADC conversion the converter's circuitry is idle / not switching so it consumes very little power (the ADC clock still runs).

Nopes there's no such way to increase energy consumption of Arduino.

Also incorrect. Sinking / sourcing through the I/O pins is a dramatic way to increase energy consumption. Because of an internal resistance that energy is converted to heat.

... force an Arduino CPU ... use more energy ...