CodeBlocks on MacOS

Between Code Blocks and the Arduino IDE I am struggling to creat a functioning program for my Arduino project. Code Blocks cant find standard libraries like <SDI.h>, the Arduino IDE cannot compile projects (or at least I cant get it to). Can someone suggest a better IDE to use? Or a simple solution to my program issues. Also, I’ve been trying to write a code to read and play music (I have an arduino Uno with a SD and Aux out breakout board soldered together). Furthermore, i need the program to take in an input text file, read the data and turn an LED strip lights on and off based on the inputted data (I have a 80 LED neopixel wired to the arduino/breakout board) while the music plays. I have a background in C++ but I cant seem to figure out how to code for the Arduino. Could someone suggest a text book or pdf that teaches Arduino coding? Something that involves data handling and classes. I greatly appreciate any help i receive.


If you post the error message that you get as well as the code, people might be able to help. Not sure how much support there is for CodeBlocks on this forum so I suggest that you stick to the IDE whenit comes to the error messages.



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