Collapsible Sections of Code

I think it'd be nice to be able to collapse certain sections of code within the Arduino IDE. This is implemented in a few coding platforms, one example is TI's Code Composer Studio:


Could be useful when working with large code for hiding functions, setup, things you're not working on, etc.

the same thing was discussed in the regions thread, it was deemed to be too confusing for the users (as regions basicly do the same thing but allow more control)

(but if you want to change the font size go find a hidden file and edit it)

I would love to have this, its in my fav windows editor notepad++ and its not always useful but when you start writing in more functions and getting further away from sticking all your crap in the main loop its very handy

but when you start writing in more functions and getting further away from sticking all your crap in the main loop its very handy

How dare you call my pain staking attempted coding CRAP, you insensitive clod. ;D


yea its crap

Code Right And Praise

or something :wink:

I think it would be a great option. You could go the MPlab route and have it off by default, but have an option to enable it.

This is entirely an editor issue and while I think its an OK idea. There are a LOT of other things that need to be improved in the editor long before this sort thing needs to be added.

just my $0.02 worth

as I sit here hammering out a outline for my version of the editor I very much agree (cause Im not at home and there is only so much I can tolerate on my POS celeron laptop)


Most of those issues are reported and they are aware of them, in idea v 1.0 is still a significant amount of versions away so I hope that most of them could be fixed before we hit the ivory tower

Of course, I personally think to do a lot of that we need to ditch processing...

dont get me wrong about processing, I love it, and now that I am getting very familiar with it, it is becoming my main game / demo / art framework

but one thing it is not is a gui framework application, its own ide suffers a lot of the same issue, abstract that to something that honestly has nothing to do with the original application and those issues get magnified, along with *n times harder to fix

were using a selection of artist tools to build structure, using a paintbrush as a hammer...

I wouldn't use processing for an IDE just as much as I wouldn't use murgalua for a game

I do use processing for my art side (little know I started down this programming trek as a graphics artist for gaming over a decade ago), and when I need to whip up a custom application for a bonus at work, I choose a application framework that is appropriate