Combing two codes .Basically how to add a buzzer mario tone in a menu.

How can I combine two codes? I am having a code for a menu designed with 3 push buttons for selecting, scrolling, and going back respectively and a code for playing a Mario tune. If I want to play a mario tone on the 3rd page of the menu if a melody option is selected how am I able to do that. I have attached both the codes, the help will be deeply appreciated.

menu_designing_30-06.ino (4.2 KB)

tone_mario.ino (7.71 KB)

I think you need to read the instructions for posting - point number 7 - in order to post the code for these things.

The larger sketch will require a separate posting.

I tried that but the post was exceeding the character limit, so I thought of attaching the file of the code rather than pasting it on the post.

Then perhaps you should do what I suggested. :astonished:

(Hint - we know you can post 9k of code in a message. You may need to start by cleaning up the longer code in any case. :cold_sweat: )