Comms issues with a the DMXserial.h library

Hello all,

I have been playing around with the DMXserial library.

I have built the comms circuit, and tested it completely and I am sure its correct.

My simple testing routine however fails to produce any results.

//    Change DMX_USE_PORT1 in DMXSerial.avr.h if using serial1 on a Mega

#include <DMXSerial.h>
#define DMXdirectionOUT 18

void setup() {

  pinMode (DMXdirectionOUT, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(DMXdirectionOUT, LOW);  // (Switch to transmit)


void loop() {

   DMXSerial.write(1, 255);
   delayMicroseconds(2000); // wait a little bit

} // loop

Now this uses serial0 I believe. In the DMXSerial_avr.h file, it specifies that you can change:

// For using the serial port 1 on a Arduino MEGA 2560 board, enable the following DMX_USE_PORT1 definition.
// #define DMX_USE_PORT1

I am using a Pro Micro on pins 0 and 1.
Are these pins Serial0 or Serial1? What is the USB programming serial? Does it share with pins 0 and 1?

It doesn't work with the statement above anyway.

Any clues? Clearly I am doing something stupid.

You need to re-assign the direction pin. It clashes

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