communication between 2 bluetooth modules

Hey All,

I have a HC-06 and HC-05 both paired and linked together via bluetooth.

However, the receiver is receiving garbage data when the sender sends commands

Any suggestions?

For example: I will send a char through the serial port on one arduino which reads it, then a bluetooth serialport(TX,RX pins 10,11) would write it and the receiver will wait on another arduino.

I know the receiver works because i've tested it with my computer and it was able to chars that turned the LED on the arduino on and off.

I've tried adjusting baudrates from 9600 all the way to 115200, but still no luck. Google hasn't helped much either. Any suggestions?

I think the problem may be just in the way you are sending the data. Changing the baudrate won’t help and, since you are using software serial, will probably just make a bad situation worse.

You might get some help here

It is interesting to see that you are doing this with HC-05<>HC-06.