Communication between Redboard and Android via USB or Microphone jack?

I am working on a project where I would like my Arduino (RedBoard from Sparkfun) to communicate with my Samsung Galaxy S4 using either USB or the headphone/microphone jack. All I want is for my Arduino to push data to the S4 and display the output. My S4 supports USB OTG, which I have verified works with a couple of peripherals. I have installed USB Diagnostics on my S4 and have verified the Redboard is seen by the phone. However, if I run an application like ArduinoCommander or Arduino Uno Communicator, neither of the apps "see" the Redboard attached via a USB OTG cable and will not connect. Do I need to install some additional drivers or is the Redboard not compatible with either of these programs?

Secondly, has anyone written a library where data can be read from the Arduino via the headphone/microphone jack? If the USB route fails, I'd like to communicate data to my Android via the aforementioned jack.


What USB device and manufacturer device Ids are listed for the board ?

I suspect that the board is reporting ids which the app software doesn't recognise.

I tried using the underlying USB code that these apps use and it wouldn't recognise my Arduino pro micro board, and I had to modify the code to add the ids, and there was another issue to do with the DTR line of the serial connection that also prevented it working.

If you are an android programmer you could download the android Arduino USB library and modify it to suit your needs and write your own app.

You can look at this app : code source app inventor + arduino , Usb Bridge for app inventor 2 android . Control arduino card with an android device and app inventor. Very easy to use.

Good luck