Computer control

Hi guys. I have my computer rig set up in my bedroom, but I also have problems sleeping with loud sounds or bright lights. My case fans are extremely loud, my Power and HDD LEDs are bright, and soon, EL Wire and cold cathodes. What I am considering doing is throwing an Arduino in there, and tapping a 5v rail. The GPIO on the Arduino could open or close the LED's circuit. My only question is on how I should control the fans. They are 120mm 12v/always on fans. I would like to clock them to ~3-7v. I have 5 fans for a reason. I can have all of them on low, and still have efficient airflow. Ideas?

Cut the wires leading to the LEDs or put black tape on them. Don't install EL or cold cathodes. Download and install Speedfan to adjust the speeds, unless they're not connected to the motherboard, in which case buy one of those handy drive bay things with knobs that can control fan speeds.

I was going to drive the EL with an SFF EL Escudo, and the CCFLs with a SSR. My fans are directly connected.