Configurable MATLAB code for serial interfacing & signal processing with Arduino

Hello all

I recently needed to have a program to interface with Arduino UNO to receive sensor data over the serial port, filter it and then display it on a running display. I couldn't find any code to do this and hence had to write my own code in MATLAB for this. I then converted it to a standlaone application using MCR compiler and deployed it for my application. It worked really well.

I am sharing a link to the program so that it could be useful for anyone looking for similar application. The complete source code of the program is available in - File Exchange - MATLAB Central.

This program is a configurable serial data processing program that can be easily interfaced with devices like Arduino. The program can receive serial data, log it, filter the data and display it in a psuedo realtime display. All of the above stages can be configured individually. It is extremely suitable for use as standalone application as all of the important parameters are confiurable and does not need any change in code or recompilation. I used this code for a particular project for getting ADC data from Arduino and filter and display it as a standalone application using MCR7.7. The current filter used is Gassuian and can be changed to any other filter coefficients using the configuration files.

Hope it is helpful to those looking for similar application.