Configuring BLUNO to connect via bluetooth to my computer

I'm not sure if my topic is relevant to this section, so please remove it if it isn't.

So I just got a DFRobot Bluno V1.6, and I wanted to try and connect it via bluetooth to my computer, however, I have failed to do so in any way I tried.

My computer has a built in bluetooth device ( Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) 4.0+ High Speed Adapter), and it is working fine as I can connect to my phone via bluetooth. Apparently, while powering the Bluno with a power jack, My phone can detect the Bluno via bluetooth, but my computer only detects as "other". installing it does nothing, nor can I send data to the Bluno.

The default Baudrate for the Bluno is 115200. Is there anything I missed that I should be doing to make a connection between my Bluno and my computer via Bluetooth?