Confused to select stepper motor.

Is it possible to rotate 11.25 degree by any stepper motor? If possible, how?

Please help!

Two steps of a 64-step stepper motor. The small 28byj motors are 64-step motors - but not very powerful.

25 quarter-steps of a 200 step motor would also work - but micro-stepping does lose torque and precision. 25 half-steps of a 400 step motor



Thank you for your reply :) My project is to rotate 11.25 degree by using push switch or pot. For every 11.25 degree movement, an LED will be ON to locate the position.

Items for the project:

  1. Stepper motor (step angle 5.625 degree)
  2. Arduino UNO R3
  3. L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller/EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver

Please let me know the selected above items for my project are ok or not and also give me a sample program, if you have.

Waiting for your suggestion.

You have not provided a link to the datasheet for your motor and the choice of stepper driver depends on the specs for the motor. An L298 is a poor choice for driving a stepper motor. If it can handle the current required by the motor an Easydriver would be good. However unipolar 5-wire steppers cannot be controlled by an Easydriver. Hence the importance of the motor datasheet.

Look at stepper motor basics.


Hi, Your motor is step angle 5.625 degree. 2 x 5.625= 11.25, or 2 steps.

So you can get the stepper to jump two steps each time, you will have 11.25deg rotations.

Tom..... :)

How much experience have you with, mathematics, electronics, programming, hardware?


if you are moving a shaft with no load and want to move 11.25 degrees, you can use any stepper driver that will work with that motor.

the absolute best choice that meets the above criteria is whatever you have.

as soon as you start adding things like speed and power and such, you need to start to understand how to drive a stepper.

joy59: My project is to rotate 11.25 degree

Items for the project:

  1. Stepper motor (step angle 5.625 degree)

have you done the math ?

.... by using push switch or pot. For every 11.25 degree movement, ....

in step one above, you need to have 2 steps of the motor. just how would you use a pot to move a motor 2 steps ? application-application-application you have told us a fraction of the information. based on your offerings, the blind man said the elephant is like a tree trunk. another blind man said it is leafy..... is the motor to move anything ? that would imply power is needed is the motor moving fast ? that would imply attention to voltage is the motor moving continuous ? that would imply monitoring each 11.25 degree in real time, during movement. the less information you offer, the less useful our answers. in answer to your first post questions. yes, with a stepper motor, a driver, an arduino, power supply and programming. your questions answered 100% based on the information given.