Connect relay to water pump


I have a 12v Water Pump that I want to connect to my 5V 2 channel relay.
For some reason my relay only has 2 outputs instead of 3 so I'm not sure how to connect the wires.

Here's a picture: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The right black & red wires are coming from the Water Pump,
the bottom black & red wires are coming from my 12V power source.

Thanks in advance!

Connect the 2 black wires together. Attach one red wire to a screw terminal on the relay and the other red wire to the other screw terminal of the relay. The output of the relay is a single pole single throw (SPST or form A) normally open switch.

Your relay is whats called a SPST or single pole single throw, meaning it has one pole (switch) and one set of contacts.
One terminal is the input and the other is the output. Doesnot matter which ic wich so take the black wire from the pump and the black from the power supply and connect them togeather.
Then put the red from the pump under one relay terminal and the red from the power supply under the other.

When you activate the relay the switch will close and the pump will run. Viola!