Connecting Arduino to GSM dongle using USB - UART module cp2102


I would like to send AT commands from Arduino UNO to a GSM dongle that i have.
The GSM dongle has a USB interface.
I bought a CP2102 break out kit which supposidly make the conversion from Serial to USB.
Most of the topics i read talk about interfacing the kit to a laptop or a computer. This is not what i need.
I just need to use Arduino built-in UART (pins 0 and 1) to communicate to the USB dongle. Even though i have an Arduino, but i am trying to make a generic solution for non-arduino controllers as well.




A computer with for example Windows installs a driver for the usb-serial module. The Arduino can not install that driver, neither does the GSM dongle.

There is an USB host shield for example for the Arduino Uno, but I don't know if the GSM dongle will be accepted.
The Arduino Due has a USB host port of its own.
The Arduino Yun has a linux/wifi module, with a USB host plug. That one might be able to connect to the GSM dongle.