Connecting Arduino Uno to Send Data to an Excel SpreadSheet using PLX-DAQ

Good evening everyone.

I am currently working on a Bio-Reactor Project and I am using an Arduino Uno to collect Sensor Data and send it to an excel file for mass balance and energy balance calculations.

I found out after using google that an Excel Extension called PLX-DAQ can be used for this purpose. However, when I tried testing it out with my Arduino Uno I was only able to get part of it to work. The Arduino Uno is able to connect and only fill up the individual Column Headers, but does not populate anything in the column. I am a bit flustered after trying to figure it out. Here is the code which I used to test it:

//always starts in line 0 and writes the thing written next to LABEL

void setup() {
Serial.begin(9600); // the bigger number the better

Serial.println("CLEARDATA"); //clears up any data left from previous projects

Serial.println("LABEL,Booo"); //always write LABEL, so excel knows the next things will be the names of the columns (instead of Acolumn you could write Time for instance)

Serial.println("RESETTIMER"); //resets timer to 0


void loop() {

Serial.println("Booooo"); //be sure to add println to the last command so it knows to go into the next row on the second run

The Column is labeled "Booo" but the "Booooo" which I want to fill the entire column is nowhere to be seen. Any ideas on what I am missing/ configured wrong?

Thank you so much!



There is no timing control. Try putting a delay(1000); in the loop.

Any ideas on what I am missing/ configured wrong?

The examples for using PLX-DAQ show what you need to send to the serial port, so that Excel knows what you do with the data. The calls to the Serial methods, in setup(), properly send data to Excel. The call in loop() does not.