Connecting boards to wifi with id and password

Hello, I am trying to use wifi.h library to connect my ESP32 board to my university's wifi which requires student id and password but, I cannot. Because "WiFi.begin(ssid, password);" does not involve an id section. Is there any way to connect such a wifi using development boards.

Note: Student id and password is required for connecting to wifi, not while logging in internet after connecting to it.

does your university use WPA2-Enterprise WiFi?


so you can't use the default process

See your IT support to find the process to have your Mac address accepted (might be necessary) and then look at what certs are necessary

google "WPA2-Enterprise ESP32" and you'll get some ideas (some universities using eduroam for example)

some ideas

GitHub - JeroenBeemster/ESP32-WPA2-enterprise: ESP32 WPA2 Enterprise example simplified for Arduino
Connect ESP32 to WPA2-Enterprise WiFi (eduroam: University of Michigan Wireless) - YouTube

Thank you a lot
Our university also uses eduroam but I cannot even see it on available WiFi list when I scan with the board

Talk to an IT staff or find their web site, they can guide you on what's supported or accepted.

Rogue Management is nothing new for network/IT staff in corporate environments (Resolve Rogue Detection and Mitigation in an Unified Wireless Network - Cisco). I'd be surprised they don't have that in place.

The reason I did not mention creating a hot-spot through WiFi sharing (that is connected to the network) is that (in most enterprise environment I've seen) it's considered wrong doing ➜ don't do that, it might create a vulnerability that will be associated to your user name and can result in disciplinary action...

There is a possibility your Android phone (even an old one from eBay) can be a WiFi repeater.

The idea would be to authenticate on the cellphone browser, then enable WiFi sharing/bridging:

Success will depend on School's level of WiFi security.

Yes and maybe...caveat emptor

I'd give the IT route a chance. It's not uncommon in a university to have special needs (for research etc). They might have various options for offering access.

if your arduino does not need to access the school's network (ie no need to send data to a database privately hosted on campus) then you could use your phone wifi hotspot to just create a local access point and use 4G to go to the internet.

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