Connecting multiple MPU6050 with one Arduino

Hello friend!

I am working on a project where I need to add four MPU6050 with one Arduino Mega. The page suggests that

"Using more than two MPU-6050 sensors can be achieved by connecting each of the AD0 pins to a separate output of the Arduino." What does this output refer to?

"The output of a 5V Arduino can not be used. In that case a voltage divider or level shifter for 3.3 volts on each of the outputs is needed." Voltage divider can be implemented. However, I am not able to make the connections like how to connect the output 3.3V to the output (referred in the first clause above).

"Suppose all AD0 lines are default high (3.3V), so every MPU-6050 is I2C address 0x69. That I2C address is however never used ! The Arduino makes one of the AD0 lines low, and uses that sensor at I2C address 0x68. After that is finished, the Arduino selects another AD0 line, and can use that sensor." I know how to make a line LOW. However, this can only be accomplished once the connections are clear.

Your help will highly be appreciated.


how to set the AD0 pin High or low safely with a 5V source

look at the schematic of the GY-521 breakout board commonly used:

See the 4.7K resistor :
if we use a 2.7K between the 5V pin on the arduino we will have a voltage divider that will put about 3.1V on the ADO pin.
its that simple get a bunch of 2.7K resistors and put them in line with the ADO and your 5V source will be good :slight_smile: