Connecting multiple SSD1306 Oled display to arduino IDE

I was wondering how many Oled displays model SSD1306 I can connect in one Arduino IDE through wifi with esp32 and how I can do it.
I'm thinking about a project where I send osc to many displays like 10 but I don't know how many Arduino IDE I would need.

Thank you in advance!

You can't connect any OLED displays to the IDE.

What are you trying to do?

This but with multiple oled display

You would have to use an SPI display, and assign a separate CS pin to each display. (I've never tried a 1:10 fanout with SPI)

In case of the same info on every display, one would do.

I assumed a device that couldn't be achieved with simple optics

Due to OPs "slim" specification You're likely right.

It would be different info, what is shown depend on osc messages that comes from ableton.

Maybe with TCA9548A. This will allow you to control up to 8 I2C displays or up to 16 if you add 2 such multiplexers.

thank you very much:)

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