Connecting thermistor and ultrasonic sensor to nodeMCU

Im trying to connect an ultrasonic sensor and my thermistor to my nodeMCU. I have so far followed this tutorial:

I have succeeded in it. Powering the sensor with my arduino UNO using the 5v pin connecting to the breadboard and the echo and trigger pins from the sensor going to the nodeMCU. This works and I am able to get the results from the sensor.

What I know want to do is to connect a thermistor to the nodeMCU so I can also get the thermistors value. I've looked at several setups but they seem to contradict each other and I'm new to the arduino scene and apparently the thermistor uses analog pins (?).

Is what I want to do possible to wire and program?

If you connect the HC-SR04 to 5V it will output 5V on its Echo pin. That may kill your NodeMCU pin. There are HC-SR04s out there that happily work on 3.3V, like the rest of your NodeMCU.

For your thermistor, do you even know what a thermistor is?! If not, read up on it. Your line of questioning makes me wonder if you know what you're working with.

Normally it's connected between A0 and GND and then a pull-up resistor to Vcc (3.3V for you). Use the b-coefficient equation to calculate the temperature.