Connecting to phones

I want to be able to connect the arduino with a camera that can in turn connect to my phone. is there any possibility to that?

The ESP32CAM can do this by creating a webserver that shows the picture from the camera. This picture can be viewed using a browser on any device, including a 'phone, which is on the same WiFi network

Mind you, there are no doubt readily available webcams that will do this without the ESP.

I say "ESP" as this is clearly not Arduino territory. :grin:

thanks I appreciate it!


The ESP32Cam is well worth having a look at.
If you search eBay for "esp32cam-mb" you can ones which include a motherboard which adds USB and makes programming a lot easier.
They tend to require a good 5 volt supply or can behave very erratically.

BTW - I have a sketch here which may be of interest which shows how you can access the data from the image etc.

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