Control Arduino with DMX Software

Hey everyone, I have been playing around with an Arduino Duemilanove off and on for a few months and recently connected it to a relay board. My goal is to create a Christmas light controller and turn the relays/lights on and off to music. I have got it working using Firmata and Adobe Flash (it's the only language I know really well) to control everything and it works fairly well. The issues is its time consuming to program.

Anyways, I have a part time job as a sound/light tech and use an Enttec Open DMX USB dongle to control our lighting system with a piece of software called DMX Control. My question is, would it be possible to use this software to control the Arduino? I don't want to create a DMX controller but instead have the Arduino act as the lighting system. My thinking is that for example if you set DMX channel 1 in the software to a value between 130-255 it sets digital pin 1 to high and a value below 130 sets digital pin 1 to low. This will continue for the 14 digital pins. After doing some research on DMX and the Arduino it appears that the same software plugin for the Enttec device can also talk to the Arduino board which leads me to think that I would only have to modify code on the Arduino it self to make this work.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.

Have a look here:

The examples in that library should get you started easily