Control of DC potentiometer from GPS speed

I am going to attempt to control a hydraulic valve that is currently flow controlled using a analog potentiometer. I would like to adjust the amps to the solenoid based on ground speed using a GPS module.

I’m a beginner but feel capable of pulling this off if I get started in the correct direction.

First off is this possible?
Can I use the Arduino Uno and a GPS sled to make this possible?
Would there be any other equipment I should need. I am guessing a LCD or android app may be in order.

Thanks in advance

PWM usually works well to control loads.
The use of a GPS tells me nothing. The logic to calculate the PWM value can be made based on any device value.
Android app?

Sorry, my mind reading is off at this hour.

I apologize for my vagueness that’s why I posted I was hoping to learn something.

I want to change the hydraulic flow through a valve according to the ground speed my tractor is moving.

I am hoping to put a GPS module on an uno board to collect the speed that I am moving and adjust flow rate of the value.

I am assuming I will want a lcd screen to print some outputs to so I understand what is going on with the valve and the actual speed I am moving.

Doesn't your tractor have other and more precise speed indicators?

If you want to replace the pot which voltage can be measured on each pin, from min to max, in working state?

The chart says it measures 250 Ma to 1050 Ma.

My tractor is only a few years old and does not have a speedometer. Needless I want to control the RPM of a drive shaft on the attachment in relation to the speed of the tractor/implement.

Practically I’m driving a corn planter main shaft and want to be able to control plant population based on tractor speed. There is a bit more to it than that but that’s the practical application.

What is the variation in tractor speed, a few mph overall?
And what's the range of the corn planter volume?
Speed is in whole numbers (no decimal places, the granularity is coarse).
It's possible - but maybe not to the degree that you require.

What kind of unit is "Ma"? Mega of what?
What kind of electrical load is the corn dispenser? Volt, Ampere......
A GPS needs to move some distance before it delivers a useful reading.

Sorry for not posting back to some of these questions sooner. I am working on this application now and am seeing some success. The tractor will operate at 3.5 to 4.5 MPH. I am having success with the GPD module getting fairly accurate readings. I can usually see 9+ satellites. A 1/4 MPH adjusted the planting by 640 seeds. This is within tolerance, even twice that would be fine. Its about averages when using older farming technology. The Ma is milliamps.

FYI....milliamps is mA.

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