Controlling a 1/4 inch Electric Solenoid Valve For Water Air Gas Diesel 12V DC


I need an electronic device receiving a signal from DCS World simulator for controlling a 12V-dc Electric Solenoid Valve (see link). In fact, I want the valve to be opened during 2 seconds upon receiving the signal.

Thanks for helping

You will have to explain how DCS World simulator communicates with the outside world. You can communicate beween a PC and a properly equipped Arduino with serial (easiest), Bluetooth or WiFi.

On the Arduino end you will need a driver for the solenoid as no Arduino can drive a 12V solenoid directly. Use a logic level MOSFET driver or a relay module rated for the current and voltage that the solenoid requires.

I have to study how DCS-Bios works first and then I'll come back to Arduino. Many thanks for your answer. I just need an Arduino board to open or close a simple relay upon receiving a sgnal from DCS-Bios... I have to lear all this. I am a complete rooky

Switching a solenoid requires a free-wheel diode, however you switch it, note. Using a logic level MOSFET is
probably the simplest way to operate this.