Controlling a motor with iphone


I own some Phillips Hue lightbulbs which I can turn on/off change colour and schedule using my iphone connected to my home wifi.

It gave me the idea to automate other things in the house and I would like to be able to set up a motor which can be programmed to go forward/backwards for a set amount of time when pressing a button on my iphone. Ideally I would like to be able to schedule this to happen too.

The application I have for this idea is really cool and I can see it being a successful product if it worked.

I have no programming background and if I'm honest it all seems like a totally different language to me. I guess what I'm proposing would be pretty simple for a lot of you guys on here.

I'm looking for somebody that I could work with on this project.



HI Oli,

Check out my website for the sort of projects that I work on then drop me a MP or email if you want to take if further.

Cheers Pete.