Controlling arduino with MODE command or any other command line utility

Hi All,

I am tying to make a arduino based digital clock. To keep things simple, I do not want to have any button inputs. So for setting the time, i am looking for a way to connect it to the PC for making any settings.

For example, to set date/time, and few other boolean setting i want a command line interface. I do not want to go in for a C# application that does serial communication as I am not doing to input any complex stuff here.

I am looking for a command line kind of interface. Has anyone tried "mode" command in dos ?? I Just now came to know about this command. I am yet to explore on it.

Thanks., S.Sudharsan

Without a specially written program you are likely to run into the problem that the Arduino resets (and takes time to do so) when the PC application opens the serial port. Most operating system utilities can't deal with that.

I am not familiar with C# but it would not be difficult to write a short Python program that could be called from the command line and which would have the smarts to deal properly with the Arduino.

This Python - Arduino demo may give you some ideas. I believe it will work on Windows if you change the serial port references.