Controlling DC Brushless motor using ESC and arduino UNO

I am trying to control a T-motor DC brushless motor using a ZTW Spider 30A ESC with my Arduino Uno.
Connecting the components is no problem. I am able to spin the motor but in bursts. I tried using analogWrite, PWM, motor.write and digitalWrite but none of these keeps the motor running. Where I am having trouble is in keeping the motor continuously spinning.
After reading several threads it seems I am not arming or calibrating the ESC properly, but the directions for the manual seem to make sense when using a radio rather than an arduino. This is my first time using an arduino, ESC and a brushless motor. I have experience with coding (C++, python, raspberry pi, etc), but I am stuck in this part which I feel shouldn't be too difficult.
Any piece of information or advice helps.
Thanks for your time.

You use the Servo library to talk to ESCs - they are controlled like servos.

Any piece of information or advice helps.

Possible info.