Controlling Nema 34 with Arduino Due

Hello I run into a little problem with my setup. In the past I have controlled Nema 34 with an arduino Uno.

I used a [MA860H](http://MA860H

On the MA860H there are (5v)Pulse +, (5v)Pulse -, (5v)DIR+, and (5v)Dir- for the inputs to controll the direction and speed of the stepper. On the Uno it was very easy to get this working because all the Digital outputs on the board are 5V.

On the Arduino Due all the outputs are 3.3v.

So I decided to pick up TBX0104 Breakout Voltage level translator.

I hooked up the voltages like they recommended but I can't seem to get the motor running correctly.

If anybody has any comments or help, I'm all ears!

Thank you,

Ryan Passage

They are standard opto isolated inputs, the voltage should not be critical, but extra series resistance needed for 12V or higher is mentioned.

Note that the Due outputs mostly cannot drive such opto-isolated inputs as they are low current (some are only
a few mA capable), none can handle the standard 20mA LED current.

I can't find any mention of the current abilities of that level shifter. Its not clear if the motor driver is
getting enough current on its inputs.

Just use an NPN driver for each opto input? Common the anodes and drive the cathodes to ground
(you can test that by hand to make sure the MA860H is working).

The low current sinking/sourcing ability of the SAM3X8E processor on the Due is a bit of a gotcha if
you're used to the excellent ATmega processor pin specifications.


Thanks for responding to my post I appreciate it. I figured that I wouldn't be able to drive it with the Due alone, that is why I purchased the Voltage-Level Translator. I figured all I needed was to translate the voltage from 3.3v to 5v. Looking at it all hooked up I checked the Voltage with voltmeter and I'm definitely not getting the correct voltage to the driver. If you could recommend NPN Driver that would be great. I don't have any history of using npn in the past so I might need some help.

Thank you,

Ryan P.