Controlling several 433mhz devices to trigger at various times

I have searched and can't find a good example of this.

I am looking for guidance on how to control and trigger (at various times) 433mhz remote control devices. I see plenty of examples of cloning a transmitter and controlling one device, but not multiple devices at various times.

My goal is to power up the arduino, it begins an MP3 shield to play music, and various remote controlled devices are triggered at certain times during the music.

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thank you.

Examples need not be exactly what you're looking for. I've looked everywhere for recipes for lemon-avocado ice cream - gee, there's nothing. But you can take an ice cream recipe, substitute avocado and lemon for strawberries, and voila! Done!

It's not hard to imagine a basis for this project - each receiver has a device code or unique address. The transmitter sends a message with a specific device code to all receivers, but none will respond unless the address matches.

Some time spent with RadioHead (or VirtualWire) examples will illuminate exactly how this can be implemented.

If the 'remote control devices' are of your own construction, then controlling a lot of them ought to be easy.

But if these are individual 3rd party devices, each with potentially thier own protocols and frequencies then that is not going to be so easy.

So perhaps provide some more details on the 'remote control devices', remember the forum does not know what you mean by that.