Controlling the a Motor 12v6a

Hi All,

I'm very new to electrical engineering and arduino in general. I decided to start my working on a project just so I get a good feel for it and understand the basics of it. Apologies if I don't make much sense or if these questions are very basic. I've trawled through google and the forums to try and find an answer but can't really find it. Hoping to get some answers.

My project: Motor Control

I'm trying out different ways to control a 12v6a motor. I have a few options and would like to ask which of these would be best:

  1. H-Bridge: I have a few IRLZ44N mosfets but I don't know which PNP mosfets are the equivalent of these that I can use. Could someone please give some suggestions?

  2. SPDT Relays: can I create a schematic such as below with mosfets to control the speed or maybe with DPDT Relays:

  3. Motor Controllers: I have a L293D motor controller but I believe these are can't handle the 12v6a power that is required. Is there some other motor controller that I can use?

Any help / commentary would be really appreciated.


I suppose you could use 1 IRLZ44N as a low side switch in the negative battery lead and 2 DPST relays (I don't like powering motors through NC relay contacts) for direction, you would need 4 kickback diodes to protect the MOSFET.

Can you provide a link to the motor datasheet or product page? The key thing to know is the stall
current of the motor as that's the peak value the motor driver has to handle without burning out. have a range of motor driver boards for various power/current levels that is worth checking out

NC relay contacts MIGHT be ok IF you switch motor power on/off with the MOSFET and only switch the relays when motor power is OFF.


That circuit has nothing to protect the MOSFET from inductive kickback. This should work:

Note that the body diode is part of every MOSFET, but that it cannot protect the MOSFET itself, it
helps to protect the switches in fact. The diode across the switch assembly is what carries current
safely at the point the MOSFET switches off.

Thanks so much for your responses. Really appreciate it. I think I get it. I'll give the NC Relays used to reverse the polarity of the current and the mosfet used to control on / off / speed with the diodes as protection.

Will this work for the SPST relays?