couple of hours work are lost


at first, I'd like to say "hello"!

I'd used the arduino IDE for scripting some tiny programs. I'd done many changes and put a lot of work in a particular sketch. I'd done compile the sketch several times, but then I found a option called "use external editor". I set up this option, then suddenly all my changes are gone. I had a look at my sketch folder and found out, that the last saving are many hours ago.

Further I found the temp folder, where all the temp files where safed during the compile proccess.

I am suprised that adruino don't save the sketches before, or after compiling.

Is there a kind of backup folder where all the changes are saved?

Many thanks for your efforts!

You can usually recover your work from the .cpp file. Search your hard disk for all files and folders containing the name of your sketch, the cpp file will still be there and contain a very slightly modified version of your sketch as long as you have not tried to compile the sketch since not being able to find it, your looking for a file named something like mysketchname.cpp

I have had to do this many times in the past.

Duane B


thank you for answering.

Unfortunately I can't find any other files as I mentioned in my first post. It keeps a mystery why
the project discards all changes and turn back to a very early state.

Anyway, I learned to push the save button more frequently and don't use a external editor!

P.S.: As you said, I'd found a modified cpp file from my sketch. But it was a old version as well. The last time I compiled the
project was about 1730, the ino project file was saved at 1500 at last and the cpp file from the temp folder was saved at 1745, but with that content from 1500.

It all started as I activate that option with an external editor. The version I used is 1.0.4.