Creating app for arduino hardware

How do i make a app i developed interface with arduino

You can choose… USB, serial, bluetooth, network or something custom - as you have absolute control of the Arduino hardware selection and software.

Thank u I’ll try that

Do apps use HTML? I don't even know.

Yes I do

Don't forget LoRa!

as Washington used to say, When confronted by a missing web page do not gnash thy teeth, but rather press forward with a fine countenance towards the next available page.

K thank u

Hello mr_infinity,

welcome to the forum. This username is creative chosen because the arduino-symbol means infinity ;-)))

well from your intial question it is not really clear to me what you want to do.
From the grammar of your question I can conclude that english is not your native language.

So may I ask what is your native language?
You can use google-translate for doing the translation.

For good advice a much more precise description of what you want to do is needed.
It will be much easier for you if you write your description in your native language and let do google-translate the translation.

best regards Stefan

Ego habens tribulationis meae faciens app coniungere cum vincere quam ego quomodo arduino Nano

I speak latin

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