curl call with arduino uino and arduino wifi shield


I want to ask if there is a way to make a curl call with arduino uno and arduino wifi shield?

Guy Yanai

This sounds like an X-Y problem. What is it that you actually want to do?
Curl is a command line tool for computers, it doesn’t work on Arduino. However, the underlying principles are supported using the WiFi shield, like establishing TCP connections, sending HTTP requests …


I got a google form and I want to get in it with prefilled data from the Arduino WIFI Shield.

The prefilled URL:

I got a server that does the https creating work for me so what I really need is to get in a website.



You don't need cURL, you need HTTP. Read more here.
Take a look at this example to establish a TCP connection with the server, then send your HTTP request over that connection.


I am interested to know if there is a working solution at all to this question since I am facing the same problems. The Web Client example does not work once POST method is used and kept returning error as specified in this link <<timeout>> and Data packet send error (2) for ESP8266 wifi shield - Programming Questions - Arduino Forum which is still unsolved!

And looking for the solution is like a Catch 22 and it goes into an unterminated loop nightmare because I cannot find the solution to either X or Y problem. I believe this question by the thread starter is valid since Arduino Uno + ESP8266 Wifi Shield is a friggin deadlock half baked combination.

While it is so easy to suggest all sorts of theoritically correct solution, no practical solution can be found on the internet.