I am currently working on my car dashboard, and I got an idea. What I want to make, is a dashboard vault.

Let me explain what I want to make.

I would like to add 4 push buttons in my dashboard. Hooked up to my Ardiono Diecimilla. I want to make a specific combination of the 4 pushbuttons, in a specific order to make it interact.

Let's say, I want a code for example: 1423. That means I have to push the buttons in that order.

But now, I want to make it open a box in the dashboard. Perhaps I want a 'spring' in a cover which pushes the cover up. But I want the cover be released after entering the code. So when I close the cover, it has to be pushed into a lock machanism, and when the buttons are pushed, and the code is correct, the mechanism has to release the cover.

But how can I make this. (What kind of lock mechanism can I use, and how can I make it interface with the Arduino?

Another idea I had, is to make a 'drawer' slide out of the dashboard when the buttons are pushed. (Like a DVD drive does, but then a bit bigger) I would like to use this for documents like my drivers license etc. I assume I have to motorize this, and hook a small motor to the arduino. Also for this kind of project, I would like to have some information about how to realise this...

Can anyone help me in the right direction for these 2 projects? I think it would be very cool to create.

Thank you.

(Sorry for my bad English)

Most of VWs and Audis, use a small spring loaded motor to open the fuel cap, they only have 2 wires, and then there is a small “hook” on the fuel cap, so you can close it again, without activating the motor.
But just about any magnet valve, will do the job.

Thank you for your reply.

[...] and then there is a small "hook" on the fuel cap, so you can close it again, without activating the motor.

Thats exactly what I want in my first example, with the cover. On correct code, only release the cover, so I will pop using a spring for example. After that, the lock has to be closed back after it's popped, so I can manually push down the cover to 'click' it back into the lock.

(So that when the code is pressed again, it will pop again) Sounds easy, but I don't know where I can find any lock machanism which does what I want...


Thats a VW/Audi gas cap opener.

And heres some pictures of how it works, and such.


Update, found a picture more, some Audi A6 have a electric glovebox


And about the combination code, how about you did it like this. 5 buttons, a b c d, and a OK button to confirm code. The code is 1752 Then you have to press a once, b 7 times, c 5 times and d 2 times, and then the OK button. this is how the radio code works on newer VW radios.

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