Data Acquisition without SD Card Shield?

I would like to use an arudino DUE for Data acquisition, but I would prefer to avoid using an SD card. All the data acquisition example projects i have seen us an SD Card shield, but I would prefer saving the data directly to a computer. Any idea on how to do this? It's for a school project, any ideas are appreciated!

Send the data out with Serial.print() and capture it with a terminal program that logs to a file (Putty, Teraterm, etc.).

Another option (for Windows computers only) is PLX-DAQ, which logs directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

What is the idea of the school project? Do you want to show off your skills with Arduino or is the Arduino just a means to an end? If it is the second you can ignore some of the next points.

The Arduino is a computer. So, if your school project is about using Arduino adding an SD, card some buttons and a screen would be much more interesting than send some data over serial to a PC.

How much data per second do you want to measure? The Arduino DUE is a powerful processor and will be wasted when you use it to just send some data over serial. A single serial connection is like your teacher asking you how much is 2x2.

At the moment a lot of development is about using small processors to collect data for cloud applications. So, you could add a network or WiFi shield to send data to a cloud service or a local server. There is a lot you can learn there.

What’s the data rate in bytes/sec? Is it analog or digital or serial data?

Arduino compatibles with massive speed and power:

PJRC Store <<=== 600MHz just to begin with.

PJRC Store <<=== overclocks to 240MHz and has an FPU!

PJRC Store <<=== also overclocks but I dunno that speed

Without pins is about $4 cheaper and yes the 3.5 and 3.6 have microSD slots onboard.

use an ESP8266 with it's WiFi ability and post to one of the many free on-line services.
you can even post to GoogleSheets although they get glacial (slow) as the files get larger.

** not sure I have seen it to be done, but I would assume you could use WiFi to transfer data to your PC for storage on the PC.

you can save to the ESP8266 memory SPIFFS , then download as wanted
possbily use an ESP32 and then blutooth connection to download
possibly use WiFi to download

there are other types of memory storage units that you can buy and connect to your micro.