Data pulling from SAP HANA to Arduino

Hi all,

Thank you in advance,for taking out your time to read this mail,and suggestions.

I’ve a batching and recipe application, recipe is dynamic,based on the end user requirement, I’m implementing batch automation on Arduino platform, Python will be used for porting the recipe inputs from SQL server through database integration with SAP Hana platform.

Arudino is used for recipe and batch control - that is switching on set of valves and pumps, taking feedback from the mass flow meter to match batch sequence and batch requirement.

Please suggest, if there is a simple way to do it!.



The easy way to communicate with and Arduino is though the serial port. If the app can access a serial port (USB) it can talk to an Arduino.

This Python - Arduino serial thread may be of interest.

I would guess, you are the first to use HANA with Arduino