DC/DC Buck(Step-down) Converter Controlled by using Arduino

Hi community,

I'm searching for control the voltage

I just controlling the LRA(Linear resonance Actuator, just Vibration Motor)

To make vibration performance better, It is important to make a voltage controller.

I saw some web page about this issue.


Hardware components:
DAC module

I will use to control LM2596 buck converter by using DAC Module.

but I heard some issue about the Poor current efficiency of DC/DC Converter.

Will it affect controlling the vibrating motor?

The maximum output current of LM2596 is 3A.


OMG... I'm going to use lithium polymer 3.7V battery.
In LM2596 datasheet, the efficiency at that time is not even 70%.
What should I do?

Why not use the DAC, then buffer the output, quite simple solution. I am assuming this is in the 5 to 12V range, the solution is the same but the cost goes up with the voltage.
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The speed of a DC motor depends on the load, is not strictly proportional to the motor voltage or current.

Why don't you want to use the traditional PWM approach?

I use power source Lithium polymer 3.7V battery.

is there a DAC module can control voltage level 5v to 12v?


I want to do it is to boost from 3.7V(anyway 5v) to 9V instantaneously.
Is there a way to amplify it by using a PWM?? I'm not sure..

I read that the LM2596 is a step-down coverter, you need step-up to 9V. Select an adjustable step-up converter and we'll see how it can be controlled.