DC Motor Interface with Arduino to Measure RPM,Current Consumption

Hi all,

I have a requirement to interface DC motor with an arduino and measure the RPM and the current consumed by the DC motor and send it to the cloud.

For this use-case I have narrowed down a DC motor with encoder which I am planning to interface with the arduino to get the RPM of the motor. Is my approach to find the RPM of the motor correct? Also I am yet to find a sensor which can give me the current readings.Can anyone help me to do that?

Also can anyone suggest me the best arduino board to be used for the above usecase. Arduino board with WIFI is required as I will have to send the data to the cloud.

Depends which encoder. Assuming can get people into problems.

For current perhaps an INA219 module, again depends what motor.

Link here for how to use one.


Data to the cloud you'll have to ask someone else.

Hi Thanks for the current sensor suggestion.I will check and revert.

The DC motor with encoder that I am planning to use is https://robokits.co.in/motors/encoder-dc-servo/high-precision-quad-encoder-geared-dc-motor-12v-150rpm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2erBrqL-3wIVgiQrCh2irQcyEAQYAiABEgJLRfD_BwE