Dead link on playground

Is this the right place to alert someone who can take a look at the download of libraries on, ?

I hope the download links can be fixed because I can’t find the library elsewhere.


But the LCD isn't that hard to drive...


That's a different library. It may work as well or better than the one in question but I'd like to find a solution to the issue of the dead link reported by cocacola.

The dead link is was shut down in 2012 and this page can't be accessed via the Wayback Machine. I found another copy of that library at
So I see two options to fix this:

  • Delete
  • Host the SLCD library somewhere and update the links on the playground page(the license does permit this). The reason for not just using a link to the GrowRoomController repo is that it isn't possible to download only the SLCD library.

I'd be happy to do either one but the question is whether the library is of any value. I don't have any way to evaluate this. So does anyone have any input on which is the best option? cocacola, was there a specific reason why you wanted to use the SLCD library?

Here you go :wink:

Playground is just a Wiki, everybody can edit it.

And what's the difference between the two libraries?

Here you go :wink:

Thanks! septillion has hosted the SLCD code in a GitHub repository so the dead links on the Playground page are now fixed and the library has been saved from bitrot.

And what's the difference between the two libraries?

The APIs are completely different, that's as far as I looked. The issue of the dead link was also reported on the Arduino IDE GitHub issue tracker today by a different user so I guess there is some real interest in it remaining available.


Thank you so much for your help.
The reason I needed it is that I'm not yet very familiar with coding and will learn a lot from trying to build a Stackduino. I've done other smaller project using an LCD but am not very comfortable changing libraries in already existing code, always ends up I've missed changeing somewhere in the end and I mess up.

I'm looking at this one, an early version but haven't found the latest version well descibed anywhere so this will be my first attempt.

Again, thank you so much for your help,


Good job pert.. Sorry for the late reply.. Was busy developing...

Now that the problem is fixed please close your issue on Github Chaitanya1 Dead Link on Arduino Playground Website · Issue #4823 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub