Decoding 433.92 MHz FSK signal


I need to decode a dataframe from a tire pressure sensor that transmits data via a 433.92 MHz RF signal using FSK modulation. I assume that the sensor uses Manchester encoding. Then the data should be interfaced with CAN bus.

I already have the CAN bus interface up and running with and Arduino UNO and CAN bus Shield.
I am struggling to find an appropriate receiver/transceiver to decode the signal.
If I can read the signals with a normal 433 MHz FSK revceiver like: or

How can I decode the data from the sensor using the receiver/transceiver and an arduino?

Thank you

Google "decode tire pressure sensors" for several discussions.

Thanks for the reply,

But I have done a lot of research but the issue is I am not sure what the data TPMS sensors are transmitting. Thus, I need a way to read the data via a receiver with an arduino.

You must know what data to expect before you can make sense out of a receivers output.

But the results I got from:

Google "decode tire pressure sensors" for several discussions.

Showed that you can decode the signals even if you don't know what the data frame looks like.
The first link and video covers that but with tools other than an Arduino.

Like this link:

Agreed, given a number different examples of a signal, it is often possible to deduce what the data frame "looks like". One general approach is described here.

That tire pressure is involved will be a strong hint.

Reverse engineering data communications is fraught with dangers. Surprises always bite you!