Delay between two PWM signal

Hi... I am generating two pwm signal for two different switches.The arrangement of switch is like half bridge inverter. I want to give delay between these two signal.

#include "TimerOne.h"
double duty, ref;
void setup() 
  Timer1.initialize(100); // set a timer of length 100000 microseconds (or 0.1 sec - or 10Hz => the led will blink 5 times, 5 cycles of on-and-off, per second)

void loop(){
  // Main code loop
  if (ref > 10) {


When i am giving delay in this code , it is not working. so how to do please tell me. I don't want to do it in hardware.

when will ref > 10 ?

I think there is missing code

There are bits in one of the timer1 control registers that set the output sense (inverted or not) for each pin independently, so you can setup anti-phase signals on pin 9 and 10, with a controllable gap (deadtime). I don't know if Timer1 library gives control over this, if not you'll have to program the timer1 registers directly.