Detecting frequency

Hi, I have an idea of detecting frequency of a pulse that comes off the motorcycle engine stator, it gives a pulse every 360 degrees, so the frequency will be about 16-170Hz (1000RPM to 10000RPM).
I was hoping to use a separate IC to achieve that(Freeing up the arduino to do other things like accelerometer, GPS, GSM, saving to SD, etc).
Do any of you know of an IC that could help me with that?

Another Arduino?

What hard work does your Arduino have to do that it doesn't have the time left to count a few ticks here and there?
If you're afraid to lose ticks or be inaccurate, you could even use an interrupt for that. Counting 170 ticks a second takes no more than a couple thousand of the 16 million available clock cycles. The communication between two Arduinos (to get to the data) may easily take more time.