DHT11/ DHT22 / aosong AM2303 humidity sensor [SOLV

A humidity sensor for about $12? (plus sensible p&p, 7/10) Uses one i/o line? Works without libraries? Would work without shield? How cool!

Newly re-written software for accessing the sensor available at....


New version does without obsure bit bashing and direct register accesses.

I've just used your code on an ATMega1280 (Arduino Mega) and found I needed to make a minor change to get the sensor working. Specifically I needed to disable one of the delays while waiting for the DHT11 to drop the line following the initialisation.

Note sure why yet - but it works reliably. The line in red was changed to make it work on the Mega: [color=#00ff00] //Next: Change Arduino pin to an input, to //watch for the 80us low explained a moment ago. [/color]pinMode(dht_dpin,INPUT);//Was: DDRC &= ~_BV(dht_PIN); //delayMicroseconds(40); Thanks for the initial script.