DHT11 Temp & Humidity Example wont compile

I just received in the mail a couple of the DHT11 Humidity and Temp sensors. Before I have plugged them, I went to the arduino reference page and have uploaded & built the directory, and added the two supplied library driver files.

I reset Arduino IDE and the library is visible. When I go to compile the example code from this page however, I get a number of error issues with the compile process. The first of which is at this point in the code supplied in the library.

dht11 DHT11; ~expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before numeric constant

I am running Arduino 1.05r2 with a Mega 256. I am under the impression this is supposed to compile and run on this combo.

As i am using example only code, with no changes to it, I am confused as to why its not at least compiling. Is anyone one else having issues with this example? I am ready to add these two new readings to the soil moisture sensor I have working at www.bammo.info for my farming monitoring project.

Any suggestions or directions as to where I can find a working example that will compile would be greatly appreciated.

Please add a link to the library you are using (just paste the url in the text). I think you are either using Arduino 1.0.5 or 1.5.5r2, and the Arduino Mega 2560 board. Did you use the examples that are included with the library ? Did you install the library properly, or did you copy the files to new tabs in your project ?

EDIT: The current stable Arduino IDE is indeed 1.0.5r2. So I was wrong.

Here is the source I am using for the library. http://playground.arduino.cc/main/DHT11Lib I copy and pasted each example into notepad, and saved them to a folder named DHT11 and uploaded that to my library. I resaved each file to the library again. Oddly, the error message changed. It still fails at the same spot.

dht DHT;

‘dht’ does not name a type

Is this an issue with uploading the library itself?

**** Found the Problem, I am an Idiot ****

I was calling the library file dht.h in the sketch, but named them DHT.h. The caps was the issue. Sorry to waste the forums time.

It's okay, happens to all of us. I'm glad you fixed it.