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Hello I'm building a watch well bread boarding it. I normally use a Ds3231 RTC chip. Well right now there is none unless i buy a few of them from amazon. And if i just buy one it cost more that way. So iwas wondering if anyone know of any Real time clock modules that keep great time like the Ds3231 That can work with the arduino? I have a bunch of 1307 well really bad at keeping time.


I use the DS1307 and it works fine what's wrong with it?

Hello wofuername, Mine they are actually losing time. One of mine loses seconds wach month. But another one I have can lose minutes each month.


Not sure what board you are using but perhaps a precision 32,768 crystal would work?

Or do you need the power off capability?

I'll assume since you mentioned cost a GPS module will not be an option.

The 1307 is not temperature compensated and therefore far less accurate than the 3231-see data sheets .

They are about , google them

Hello hammy. Yes the 3231 yes the best i have used The problem isthe footprint is tp large for my Project I'm working on the Board is way small. I think the Crystal on the 1307 I have is not that good. I'm going to try to get a better crystal from mouset and see if that works.


Hello JohnRob. I'm not using any GPS modules in my project.


I understand you don't have a GPS. And that cost is an issue. However if you want the best most accurate timer GPS would be it.

Or if you wanted to connect to the internet there are time servers that are very accurate.

The accurcy would be great. But when loses minutes a month is a problem. And the project I'm working on no room for a GPS module. I'm working on a time clock project that has a very small pcb board. More like a watch design in away.


Have you seen these ???

Yes I have and I have one. It doesn’t have a real time clock on it. Mine is a desk clock small but not to big. The little prototype board I have doesn’t have much space left. I’m thinking of making a second one soon.


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