Digital Potentiometer in series

I am trying to build a circuit with two potentiometers, one digital, one analog/normal, in series. The digital one is controlled by an Arduino, of course, and the analog pot is part of a motor controller circuit. And the Arduino is connected to a PC which is sending commands over the serial connection.
My idea is that the analog pot will act as a "ceiling" of sorts for the digital pot when digital control is required, and otherwise the analog pot will control the motor on its own.
My main question is whether my common ground is correct, and whether that would affect the motor circuit at all? And can I use the 5V pin on the Arduino to power the digital pot?
And of course if there's a better way to build this, I'm all ears.
The two switches in the diagram are actually a DPDT switch, but I thought it was confusing to use that in the diagram. Also, the motor control voltage between Hi and Lo is 5V.


You can draw a dotted line between the two switches to indicate that they're mechanically linked into one DPDT housing.

Looks good to me. That should work.