Digital push and pull force gauge...?? pls need youuu..!!

hello guys.. can i make a digital push and pull gauge with arduino (to measure upto 5N).. if i can.. HOW? what kind of sensor do i need...i don't have enough money to buy those expensive force gauges... can i make a one with arduino.. would it be accurate??

I think the issue will be finding a push/pull sensor/load cell

Has several load cells but no push/pull

As for accuracy - you need to define "accurate" - depends on the accuracy/resolution of the sensor as well as the resolution of the board that reads the sensor and sends the info to your Arduino

But yes if you can find/build a proper sensor you can probably hook it up to an Arduino - I see you recently did a load cell - so should be along the same line

I missed this sensor that seems to do push/pull - but don't now if it is in your price/pain range

I only can imagine kind of a torque gauge, using strain gauges for measuring positive and negative (rotational) torque.

Load cells and force sensitive resistors only can measure a positive pressure. Eventually you can apply a fixed force (spring...) in one direction, so that the force-to-measure can increase or decrease that force?